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Discover the Charente-Maritime On foot, by bike or via bus...

You can reach the bike paths easily and safely from the campsite. They will take you to the beautiful beaches of La Palmyre, the rugged coastline, Saint Palais and Royan. The Vélodyssée bike trail crosses the region from north to south, from east to west from the Les Pins de La Coubre campsite. Or take the shuttle bus (bus stop close to the campsite).

Charente-Maritime, with its contrasting landscapes, invites you to enjoy many outings and excursions. The famous La Palmyre Zoo, La Rochelle Aquarium, Cité de l’huître oyster museum, Parc de l’Estuaire nature park, Fort Boyard, Talmont, Mornac, Saintes, Rochefort, Brouage, oyster farms and islands such as Île de Ré, Île d’Oléron and Île d’Aix.
Its ports, its cities steeped in art and history, its festivals, its emblematic sites and its gastronomy make the Charente-Maritime a dream destination.

The green oasis of La Coubre forest is dominated by a 64-metre-tall lighthouse that you can climb for a spectacular view. After taking an invigorating breath of sea air, go for a stroll in La Coubre forest. With nearly 20,000 acres and more than 30 kilometers of marked trails, it is a huge playground for hikers.

  • Phare coubre2

    Phare de la Coubre Lighthouse on the Gironde

    Built in the beginning of the 20th century in the town of La Tremblade, the lighthouse ‘phare de la Coubre’ is set at the northern end of the estuary of the Gironde. The 64 metres high lighthouse can be visited, offering you a beautiful sight on the estuary, the forest of La Coubre and the île d'Oléron. At the foot of the lighthouse, an eco-museum will tell its history and explain its functioning.

  • zoo palmyre

    Zoo la Palmyre Animals from all over the world

    At the heart of a 18ha pine forest, the Zoo of La Palmyre is one of the best known animal parks of Europe. It houses more than 1600 animals and 115 species from all the continents. During your visit to the park, you can admire elephants from Asia, lemurs from Madagascar or polar bears.

  • thalazur

    Thalazur Royan Thalasso facing the ocean

    In Royan, the spa ‘Thalazur’ welcomes you to get back into shape. You can choose from various treatments and massages.

  • JLPC Talmont sur Gironde

    Talmont-sur-Gironde A town dominating the sea

    South from Royan, rising on its rocky spur above the estuary of the Gironde, Talmont has kept its aspect of medieval fortified town, hidden behind its ramparts, and set around the Sainte-Radegonde church. In this small town, you’ll discover lovely houses with white fronts decorated with bleu shutters and hollyhocks.

  • Jean Christophe BENOIST Brouage Marais

    Brouages Fortified town

    The town of Brouage, founded during the 15th century, was a very active harbour on the Atlantic Coast. However, with time, the channel got silted and the sea pulled away. The ramparts of Brouage now rise at the heart of the countryside of Charente-Maritime. However, the town has not lost any of its beauty.

  • phare cordouan

    Phare de Corduan A lighthouse in the estuary of the Gironde

    The lighhouse ‘phare de Cordouan’ is a unique site. Built at the mouth of the estuary of the Gironde, at 7km from the coast, this is the oldest lighthouse of France. Its construction started in the 16th century and its 68 metres height counts 6 levels in Renaissance style. Accessible by boat, a visit to this site has something magical.

  • Myrabella Saintes amphitheatre

    Saintes Town of art and history

    With over 2000 years of history, Saintes can be proud of an extraordinary architectural heritage with Roman remains like the amphitheater or the Arch of Germanicus but also beautiful religious buildings like the Abbaye aux Dames or the Sainte-Eutrope church. Since 1990, the town holds the label of Town of Art and History.

  • VTT

    Cycle paths Cycle paths Cycling trips

    In La Palmyre you’ll find various cycle paths, flat and easy of access, which will take you through the forest of la Coubre, up to the beautiful beaches of La Palmyre or Royan. The bicycle is definitely the best means to discover the area.

  • Marais de la Seudre Mornac by Rundvald1

    Mornac-sur-Seudre One of the most beautiful villages of France

    This former fishing harbour, specialised in the farming of oysters and salt, is a perfect example of the villages that are scattered along the coast of Charente-Maritime, with white fronts coloured with blue shutters and hollyhocks. It is an excellent starting point for canoe trips.

  • kayak

    Mornac Kayak Discovering the Seudre by Kayak

    Leaving from Mornac-sur-Seudre, listed as one of the 100 most beautiful villages of France, you can discover the Seudre by kayak. Through the oyster marshes, you can admire a remarkable flora and fauna.

  • Tietienne Train des mouettes

    Le Train des Mouettes Discovering the Charente by train

    Created in 1875, the railroad between Saujon and La Tremblade has become a tourist itinerary today. Aboard this train towed by the oldest steam locomotive of France, you’ll be joining in for a journey through time on the banks of the estuary of the Seudre.

  • Patrick Despoix  Fort Boyard

    Fort Boyard Stronghold out in the sea

    Half way between the islands of Aix and Oléron, the stronghold of Fort Boyard was built to defend the royal arsenal of Rochefort and protect the harbour of the île d'Aix. However, new military techniques made the monument obsolete, even before it was finished. This vessel of stone that rises from the ocean still remains a magnificent work.

  • Golf mini

    Pirate Golf

    Mini golf for all, on the site of Luna Park.
    1 € discount at the campsite reception

  • Julienbzh35 Huitres

    Cité de l’Huître The secrets of oyster farming

    At the heart of the basin of Marennes-Oléron, along the channel of La Cayenne, this oyster centre will invite you to discover the secrets of oyster farming and an exceptional region. You’ll learn how to recognise various types of oysters during visits and tastings. The itinerary can be done on foot, by bike but also by small train or boat.

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