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Sustainable development
protect our environment

Sustainable development

Important gestures
At «les Pins de la Coubre», we have got ecological values as much for the human level as the biodiversity. Each action, each thought is ecological : take care of the earth isn’t only a responsability, it’s a privilege, even a real civic pleasure!
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«Les Pins de la Coubre» are labeled «green key» first label for a sustainable tourism


Sorting waste

  • Yellow bin: household packaging
  • Green bin: household waste in bag
  • Recovery of organic waste for the animals of the farm (bread, damaged vegetables and fruit,peelings..)
  • Glass container
  • Batteries box
  • Recycling of frying oils
  • Recycling of plastic objects (chairs, garden furniture)
A complete waste management !

Solutions to save money

  • Water saving: frothers, individual counters
  • Electricity saving; detectors, individual counters
  • Branches crushing for the mulching with the shavings
tri dechets


Since 2023 our campsite has got a solution for the compost of the waste. We will explain how to do during your stay.
You will be able to apply our advice at home!