dev durable

Sustainable Development

At Les Pins de la Coubre, we have ecological and environmental values in terms of biodiversity and human well-being. Each action and gesture is eco-friendly. Taking care of the Earth is not only our responsibility, but it is also a privilege and even a great pleasure.

Waste sorting options made available to our holidaymakers:

  • Yellow bin: household packaging
  • Green bin: household waste (in a garbage bag)
  • Recovery of organic waste for farm animals (bread, damaged fruits/vegetables, peelings, etc.)
  • Bottle bank
  • Battery bin
  • Water saving management
  • Electricity saving methods
  • Waste management

Organic compost (leaves, etc.) used for excessive plantations of mobile home areas.

  • Plastic recycling (chairs, furniture, etc.)
  • Grinding of branches to make mulch chips
  • Water saving methods (pressure reducing valves, individual meters, etc.)
  • Electricity saving methods (motion detectors, individual metres, etc.)
  • Frying oil recycling
  • Composter
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